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Apple Watch and the iPhone Era

10 February, 2015 | Article Source: Rob LaPointe  |   (No Comments) | 22,819 Views

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Apple Watch and The iPhone Era

In 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone, which would prove to have an enormous impact on the future of mobile devices. Today, we are still living under the shadow of that little device. The basic form-factor, launcher UI, multi-touch display, app store—these central building blocks were all brought together in the iPhone, and have persisted ever since. New devices come and go, and technology evolves, bringing new capabilities, but nothing has hit the mobile scene with such paradigm-shifting force as the iPhone did 8 years ago.

The Post-iPhone Era

The iPhone didn’t take baby steps toward innovation. It was a remarkable overhaul of people’s expectations in mobile technology. These days, any mention of the iPhone’s ingenuity is sure to sparks hours of debate from loyalists to other platforms; it wasn’t first in this or that, etc. But it is an essential, undeniable fact that the iPhone redefined the consumer mobile experience—it catapulted the dream of mobile technology right into users pockets in a way that nothing else possibly could have done. There is a clear difference between the pre-iPhone world and the post, and that’s not something you can for many products.

These days “mobile” has grown into a massive, worldwide phenomenon. There is a ton of competition in the industry. Two major operating systems (iOS and Android) keep each other accountable for innovation—hey, we might as well throw Windows Phone into that mix too, as they gear up for Windows 10. Meanwhile, brilliant app ideas are powering a renaissance in startup culture. And numerous device manufacturers are competing in the hardware scene.

Ultimately, though, we haven’t really left the track set down for us 8 years ago. The iPhone put us on a trajectory towards an all-in-one personal device way back at the start; remember the whole “There’s an App for that” campaign? The essence of the iPhone was having a convenient, pocket device that can do it all. Everything since then has simply been filling in the blanks.

We need new blanks to fill in.

The Next Era

We’re sitting at an interesting point in technology, where multiple fascinating technologies are on the cusp of breaking out to the consumer market. There’s virtual reality, augmented reality, wearables & quantified self, ambient intelligence, the internet of things, autonomous vehicles…these all have a ton of potential to redefine major aspects of the consumer lifestyle. Each of these industries is awaiting it’s breakout moment—its “iPhone” moment, if you will.

Whenever these landmark products arrive—when iPhone-level devices are launched—the opportunities that spring up for entrepreneurs and businesses are unparalleled. They carry brand new ways to revolutionize lives, provide new experiences, all the things that entrepreneurs and dreamers get excited about. And every time a new product arrives, we wait eagerly to see what kind of impact it brings. Will it make that giant leap that takes a fringe technology and turns it into an integral part of our lives?

Right now we look forward to the Apple Watch, which is slated for release in April. Smartwatches have been a budding technology for a couple years now, and the potential is clear. Many people wait with baited breath to see if Apple can engineer the breakout success that makes wrist-mounted computers a common reality.

We’ve certainly seen some hints that they’ve taken a uniquely “Apple” approach to the design—eschewing the idea that a smartwatch is simple a tiny smartphone on a wrist by introducing a digital crown input, and focusing heavily on haptics. It’s innovative, but builds on the success of past devices. It’s an Apple product, so we can expect high quality and strong sales. But does it have what it takes to be the “iPhone” of wearables? Or does that title belong to someone else?

We simply don’t know yet. But we will find out soon enough!

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