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Twitter Launches Meerkat Competitor: Periscope app

1 April, 2015 | Article Source: Raj Srivastav  |   (No Comments) | 24,939 Views

Twitter Launches Meerkat Competitor Periscope app

Twitter Launches Meerkat Competitor Periscope app

Earlier this month, the Meerkat app was topping headlines and news feeds everywhere thanks to a surge in popularity around the SXSW conference. The media buzz was amplified by Twitter suddenly dropping API support out from under the fledgling app around the same time. The reasons for the move were obvious: Twitter had recently purchased an app startup that was working in direct competition with Meerkat. Earlier this week that competing app was released, the Periscope app by Twitter.
The two apps are extremely similar. The core function is for users to live-stream video from their mobile devices. They both integrate deeply with twitter to notify and attract viewers (though Meerkat is being forced to pivot in that regard). Even the names and icons are weirdly similar—both evoking the idea of popping up from below the surface to get a scan of the land around you. Will Meerkat continue to grow with the launch of Periscope is something to think about.
Streaming Social
Live-streaming is nothing new, but as a web technology it has generally been relegated to special events, and hosted by dedicated content providers. Bringing live streaming to mobile, and to social media is a fascinating proposition. We’ve already seen the potential in action, with news stories breaking through live-streamed video from users in the area. It certainly shakes things up.
App development has a long history of these kinds of shake-ups. It’s a naturally disruptive sector of technology, and apps like these are great examples of the power of mobility. Connecting people in new ways will always result in interesting new behaviors and social phenomena. These apps explore a whole new potential for social trends.
Striving for Growth
In direct competition Periscope has undeniably become more successful than Meerkat. It shouldn’t come as any surprise considering that Periscope has the full power of Twitter behind it while Meerkat is just a tiny startup. Meerkat enjoyed its time in the spotlight, and was featured by Apple on the store for a while. The Periscope app is simply outperforming it in this little rivalry.
Growth at this point in an app’s life simply means getting downloads. Since iTunes doesn’t publish any specific download numbers for apps, we can instead measure their relative performance by looking at their overall ranking in the store. Here are the Periscope and Meerkat facts:

  • Periscope’s ranking in the US market has peaked at 31st so far, and currently sits at 49th.
  • Meerkat’s peak was 140th and it has now dropped down past 600th.

Based on those numbers, it is clear which one has come out on top. User acquisition is what the app race is all about. Launching an app is all about driving downloads, and that means employing as many marketing tactics as you can manage, all projecting the clear message: “download this app.”
Peering into Meerkat’s Future
In spite of that drop-off, Meerkat has one thing going for it: thanks to all the media attention, it just closed a $14 million funding round! So Meerkat may not be defeated quite yet, we’ll wait to see what they can pull together for round 2 with that added support. Perhaps rapid expansion onto Android ahead of Periscope is in the works.
No matter what they come up with, at this point it certainly feels like Meerkat’s future rests in an acquisition of some kind. It would be unfair to jump to conclusions and say Meerkat has failed. Two companies went head to head using brand new technology in the same niche and one came out ahead.Meekrat has plenty of life left in it.
The future of Meerkat is like the future of any startup—striving towards greatness without any guarantees. It’s the entrepreneurial spirit that we work with every day when we help build apps for startups and businesses around the world. Software Developers Inc, a Silicon Valley based mobile app development company has built 1200+ iPhone apps that have been launched in iTunes.
A great idea executed well is a remarkable thing. If you’ve got a great idea kicking around in your head, SDI can lend a hand with the execution. Get in touch any time. You can email us at or call us on 408.802.2885.

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