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Sneak peek into SDI’s secret sauce for successful app development

5 May, 2015 | Article Source: Rob LaPointe  |   (No Comments) | 31,552 Views

Sneak peek into SDI's secret sauce for successful app development

Sneak peek into SDI's secret sauce for successful app development

The secret to successful app development isn’t something that’s easy to isolate. Good development comes from a mix of many different specializations, technologies, and standards. The key is in how it all works together. So as a general rule, I would say the core foundation of SDI’s successful development process is collaboration.

SDI brings technological and design expertise, along with valuable knowledge regarding business, web, and marketing. We can leverage these to build fantastic apps, but that expertise is meaningless unless given direction by the vision and goals of the client. Our team works closely with each client to round out their ideas and goals into something that is achievable and successful.

Start with knowledge and build a great concept right off the bat

The collaborative process starts right off the bat, with consultation and insights from our strategists while we document the project concept and prepare a quote. We recognize that it is extremely important to establish the goals and specifications of the project as early as possible. By spending a bit more time at the start nailing down as many details as possible, the project is less likely to require significant changes during development as unforeseen problems or opportunities arise. Such changes can result in unnecessary delays.

Drawing up a complete concept early on makes for much smoother sailing, but in order to ensure the end product will achieve its full potential a lot of thinking and expertise needs to go into this step.

That’s why SDI does thorough consultations on design, functionality, technology, business, and more prior to starting work on the app. We set our goals early on so that every member of the project knows the end goal we are aiming for. This makes for a more cohesive final product, and means less time will have to be spent correcting or polishing earlier work later in the project. Check out our stunning portfolio to get an idea of our work delivered for clients worldwide.

Collaboration doesn’t end there. From the design to development to testing, the app may pass through the hands of many different specialists. UX designers need to understand the app from a programming perspective in order to shape the information architecture. Programmers work with testers to test features as they are implemented, speeding the time to launch. Designers stay up to date with the project so that they’ll be ready to apply changes or additions to the designs at any time. Each project operates as a stable ecosystem, where every phase of the project can rely on the full force of the team.

SDI uses Scrum project management methods to focus on fast development cycles with daily organization and incremental goals. This keeps things moving forward at a rapid pace and keeps everyone on the same page for collaborative development. When changes in the project requirements do arise, we remain flexible enough to execute the new plan with as little friction as possible.

Goals will be set based on your product priorities. Project management by SDI is designed to keep you in the loop at regular intervals. The process is designed for transparency and efficiency, keeping the client in the loop. This is done so that our deliverables remain true to the client’s vision. If we stray from the intended goal at all, the transparent development process will allow the client to course-correct quickly and effectively, before things move too far and reworking becomes difficult.

Throughout these processes, it is clear that communication is a core component of success. Without clear communication, the possibility of failure looms at every corner. The internet affords us a wealth of communication tools which make it possible to work with clients at great distances without sacrificing that vital communication link. Your app idea is in the right hands as SDI has proved to be a premium app development company. We are very well practiced at dealing with differences in time-zone, target markets, and other geographical quirks.

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