What's an App? Native, Hybrid, Web

The world of Apps is an inflection point in the science of software, enabled through consumerization of mobile devices and the ubiquity of the cloud.

The single outstanding characteristic of an App vs. an old-style Application is the extremely Rapid Lifecycle of Apps.

The need for this is driven by the rapid change in the business & consumer environments, & the availability of cloud power. The end result is simple, functional Apps that capture user interactions with high fidelity, and can morph literally on-demand to ever-evolving sources of information.

Compared to old-style Applications even the delivery model has changed from complicated licensing downloads/installs, to sleek App Stores that are living warehouses of up-to-date software, that can stock and deliver perfectly customized apps instantly, satisfying end users and even security-conscious IT departments.

SDI is excited about pushing the frontiers of Custom App development in ways that have not yet been realized from end-user creation of custom apps, to envisioning a whole new world of companion apps for the Internet of Things.

In our quest to create the Perfect App, we are creating enabling technologies that will eventually organize in realtime, the constrained real estate of devices to create the right context in which to intuitively serve the limited attention span of users..

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