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We are an award winning mobile app design and development company. Having launched over 1000 apps on app stores, we work at a rapid pace to convert your vision into a brilliant mobile experience. Clients like Pepsi, Stanford University and hundreds of individual entrepreneurs have partnered with us to launch apps for both enterprise and consumer use.

Our mobility strategists analyze each app idea individually to determine optimal features, technologies and mobile concepts. Armed with these specific insights, our designers lay out a plan for the app’s visuals and function, iterating as needed to produce an ideal user experience. Once the designs are approved, our expert programmers step in to tie everything together.

SDI builds mobile apps for all platforms. We have experience in every native SDK and over 20 mobile/web frameworks. The breadth of our expertise encompasses audiences across the board, whether capitalizing on huge consumer markets through multi-platform apps or finding compatible options for Enterprise solutions.

We can create, manage and launch your app within budget along fixed timelines under a secure Non-Disclosure agreement.

Contact us to discuss your needs with one of our mobility strategists and see how a mobile app can transform your future.