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Startups Beyond the Bay

15 December, 2014 | Article Source: Natasha Singh  |   (No Comments) | 25,606 Views

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startups beyond the bay

Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay get a lot of attention for the start-up culture here, and with good reason, given that this is the #1 location in the world for Venture Capital funding. But it’s not the only hotspot for start-ups, and we wouldn’t want it to be. We do business with companies and clients around the world, and it’s important that other cities are able to inject their unique cultures and innovations into the tech world.

New York City

Featuring a strong start-up scene, combined with plenty of funding opportunities, NYC is a natural east coast alternative to the SF Bay Area. On top of that, NYC features a very strong global culture, which means diverse talent. From a business perspective, NYC is one of the most driven places around; the focus there tends to be on executing a workable business plan, and they aren’t afraid to do the work to succeed.


Austin has a large tech scene, with many big players operating there (Samsung, Microsoft, Dell, Apple). The business culture is collaborative, supportive and sustainable. Most of all they have a rich culture and a strong identity as a city which differentiates them from the loftier ideals of SF or the shoulder-to-the-grindstone mentality of NYC.


Start-ups in Singapore tend to focus on global opportunities, perhaps due to the lack of a strong local market, among other things. One big advantage is that it is considerably easier to bring in global talent (compared to a U.S. visa system which is notoriously hard to deal with). All in all the idea of business as an international venture is overwhelming in Singapore.


London is the most successful start-up ecosystem in Europe. Strong business savvy means good support for budding start-ups, and a creative, cross-disciplined talent pool means there are ideas worth supporting. It’s a potent mix, that serves as a powerful start-up gateway to European markets.

Los Angeles

Home to a creative, competitive talent pool, LA has created a successful environment for start-up development, and VC activity is higher than ever. Perhaps with influence from Hollywood, the LA start-up scene has been very good at focusing on profits and bottom lines. Plus, you know, the beach is right there and the weather is awesome all year around.

Software Developers Inc

We’re based in Silicon Valley, but our design, development and marketing services have been utilized by entrepreneurs and start-ups around the world. For most entrepreneurs, the best place to start is wherever you are at already—having connections and relationships is an invaluable advantage. We are often able to support our clients by flexing our own Silicon Valley connections on their behalf. So you can get some of the benefits of Silicon Valley networking without actually being here.

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