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4 Great Ways Responsive Web Design Can Get you a Higher Conversions for your Business

26 February, 2015 | Article Source: Raj Srivastav  |   (No Comments) | 21,743 Views

4 Great Ways Responsive Web Design Can Get you a Higher Conversions for your Business

If you are in business you responsive web design is a must have these days. The primary goal of RWD is to provide a quality user experience to visitors regardless of what device they use; but the reason this is necessary is because of the rise of mobile browsing. Traditional websites, set up to serve desktop users, offer pretty poor experiences on smaller, touch-based devices. The best solution is to design in a way that adapts to the user’s device to offer a quality experience, and that’s exactly what RWD does.

1. Serve Mobile Browsers

Without responsive web design, unoptimized web experiences are fractured and frustrating. This leads to extremely high bounce rates from visitors who expect to be served a better optimized user experience. The bulk of mobile users barely finish loading your site before bouncing to find better mobile service, and among those who stay, the odds of converting are greatly reduced by the poor customer experience.

2. Modernize Design

Design refresh is always valuable as trends come and go. Any website that stays static too long will likely start to notice a drop in conversions, simply due to “falling out of fashion” (so to speak). If your website feels outdated, people will be less confident in your business, which will hurt your conversion rates.

3. Bring Better Organic Traffic

Responsive Web Design is an SEO booster. This is partially due to its single-URL nature, and partly due to explicit preference for responsive websites by major search engines. Google and Bing, the two biggest search providers, both recommend responsive design, and give it preference in search rankings.

4. Simple Management & Tweaking

One of the biggest advantages RWD has over using separate mobile and desktop URLs is that a responsive website is a single entity, thus you’ll only need to make changes once to have them apply to all users. This cuts down on management stress, since you only need to worry about one resource, instead of two. Since building better conversion funnels is all about tweaking and incremental change, this ease in management helps to encourage better online marketing habits

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