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3 Ways a Mobile Website can Help Your Business

18 October, 2016 | By Sakshi Sharma  |   (No Comments) | 28,346 Views

3 Ways a Mobile Website can Help Your Business


Website this and website that; I’m sure you’ve heard all about how great the internet is for your business. And it’s true: it’s basically the best, most cost-effective way to grow a modern business (surpassed only by mobile apps). But more often than not, you just get 1000 words of someone telling you that websites are great.


As a website development company, We want to offer you tools on how to make a real website that supports and grows your business. Specifically, we’re going to look at non-web businesses; how a website can help improve your business and what your website needs to be effective. After all, the importance of a website in an eCommerce business is pretty clear.


But we’re going to drill down even further, into 3 specific businesses: Real Estate, Education (not necessarily EdTech), and the Restaurant Industry.


Real Estate


Obviously, how a home looks is a key factor in how quickly (and for how much) it is sold. Agents spend days to weeks or even longer to make sure a home looks perfect. But when someone is looking at listings, they can only see a few boring, stagnant issues.


Today, we live in a world where anyone can snap a professional level photo, in an instant. So posting a few pictures isn’t as effective as was 20 to 30 years ago. Fortunately, a website is an excellent way to offer a whole new digital experience.


Think about it: potential home buyers make decisions by taking tours of the house. Prior to the Web 2.0, that meant your market was largely relegated to locals who could stop by your open house. And locals who happen to have spare time to take out of their busy lives.


Today, you can put on a virtual open house, visible to anyone in the world with a web connection. Even better, SDI can easily turn your website into a Web-Based App to really grow your audience to true global proportions! SDI has created apps and websites for the Real estate industry; we know how to create virtual tours that truly show off the excellence of your home.


With digital, high quality photos, you can really show off your home. SDI can build a website that lets you create 360 degree virtual tours, with drill-down details for each room and all pertinent home info a buyer needs. We can even help you create an Organizational Software infrastructure to help you convert warm visitors into hot leads and potentially closed deals!




We aren’t talking about EdTech here (though this is a growth industry teachers should be looking at!). We’re specifically looking here at tutors – those who have their own business helping kids (or adults!) learn. Tutoring businesses, even if you’re your only employee, can vastly expand their target market.


Creating a small webpage for marketing purposes that costs little but has huge payoffs. For individuals, find more potential students in need of help, boost your digital presence, and make it easy for people to find you. We can help you build a website that showcases your work, discusses your experience, and even provides details on your specialties (Math Wizard? History Buff? Literary Genius? All of the above?)


Are you a larger company who employs a bunch of tutors in a variety of subjects? SDI can help you offer better, more targeted services to your potential clients. Using machine learning algorithms and other coding techniques, we can design a website that finds out where a potential student needs help. Then your website will direct them to the appropriate tutors for them to choose whoever would work best.


SDI can also build a website with built-in video conferencing features, perfect for people to interview you, or even for a tutoring session itself. Our Design team can work with you to figure out what specifics you would need to truly be an effective online tutor. In our Modern digital world, having digital tools is one of the best ways to grow your business


Restaurants, Food Trucks, and More


Traditional restaurants (think Cheesecake Factory), as well as more trendy food service options like Food Trucks or Pop-Ups, can hugely benefit from having a website – especially one that’s been converted into a mobile web-based app!


Traditional restaurants can use a website to market their business, but more importantly, they can use it to push menu changes, new food items, upcoming live shows (if applicable), even take online orders and reservations. All of this is not only easy to do but relatively inexpensive, especially when you make use of the plethora of APIs and app tools out there (like OpenTable).


Food Trucks, while not a new thing, have grown exponentially in popularity. When I was growing up, we referred to these as Roach Coaches and they were only ever seen at Construction Sites. Today, that’s totally different. Brilliant amateurs and cooking legends alike are blowing our palettes away with culinary masterpieces made in a food truck. Millennials love them, restaurateurs are obsessed with them – heck there are even movies being made about them!


Pop-Up restaurants are a truly new phenomenon in the world of successful businesses and can’t succeed without a well-built website. Pop-ups, for those who don’t know, are restaurants that take over a venue for an evening or two, and then disappear, often never to be seen again. These events can be anywhere, but the key to their success is getting the word out.


So a website is a key to marketing a pop-up restaurant (and an app is heavily recommended), to get people who have been to your past events to show up again and to getting newcomers. But SDI can do more than that – we can help build you a website that helps find possible venues, chefs, and even new markets.


Build Your Own Website in 6 Weeks or Less


Ready to get started? Don’t worry about website development costs: for as low as $1200 or $20 an hour, you can have your own, tailored website, designed to meet your exact needs. SDI knows the tech world, from development to marketing, we can help your SMB grow.


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