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We have built devices and apps for Humans, Cars, Animals and Machines. The rate of change in the smart-gadget industry is astounding, and SDI’s gadget app development teams have assisted hundreds of companies in integrating these devices and adapting to the new Smart economy.

Our extensive knowledge of SDK’s, frameworks, functions and industry requirements gives us a major head start on even the most unprecedented gadget app development project.

Smart watches or Google Glass, seem to be right on the cusp of mass consumer adoption, while others, like Set-Top boxes and Drones are a bit more common. All of them can be amazingly useful when combined with the right App by SDI.

Wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity are powering a massive shift for everything from coffee makers, Industrial appliances to construction equipment within the Internet of things. We have a massive breadth of experience when it comes to devices, platforms, and operating systems.

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