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Wearable Device AppsBuilding apps for the highest standard of computer portability

Wearable app development extremely exciting these days. Smart watches and Google Glass are great examples of the new capabilities being explored in wearable interfaces, and SDI is creating new standards for these emerging experiences.

Through bluetooth or Wi-Fi, we can quickly and easily transfer data between the wearable and a smartphone. This data can be utilized on either end by our apps, creating a ton of hardware versatility which can be exploited by clever app ideas.

Wearables represent a wide range of mobile computing innovations, from health & fitness monitoring to creative placement of visual displays. We work with the strengths of each device to bring the best functionality to wearable apps.

Our programmers are versatile and creative the perfect combination for wearable app development. Emerging wearables provide an amazing opportunity to push mobile apps into a whole new breadth of influence, and SDI is here to make that opportunity a reality.

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