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Meerkat: Can it Keep Growing? And How Can Businesses Use this New Social Tool?

18 March, 2015 | Article Source: Raj Srivastav  |   (No Comments) | 26,657 Views
Meerkat: Can it Keep Growing? And How Can Businesses Use this New Social Tool?

Meerkat: Can it Keep Growing? And How Can Businesses Use this New Social Tool?

MeerKat, the live video streaming app that has gathered momentum and is making headlines has been steadily growing for a while now. It is a unique platform where a user can directly stream a live video and connect with others worldwide at the same time on the app itself.

A Brief History

For those that are still in the dark, we’ll start at the beginning. Meerkat launched just a few weeks ago at the end of February. It is an iPhone/iPad app which allows users to live-stream video from their mobile devices, and this real-time streamed video is viewable by other users. Think of it like Facetime, except instead of sending and receiving video for conversation, it is one-way and visible to anyone who wants to tune in.

Meerkat adopted a growth-hacking strategy by integrating their product with API tools from Twitter, which allowed it to use the Twitter account of the user to reach out to followers automatically. This proved moderately successful at spreading awareness, and certainly the automation of the social side was convenient, and things were looking good for Meerkat.

But at the end of last week, Twitter pulled out the rug from under them by disabling their access to the social graph which had been powering their growth. Though the news of this change wasn’t exactly surprising to those who had been paying attention—after all, Twitter acquired Periscope which is a direct competitor to Meerkat—the way in which Twitter delivered the news made the event worthy of a few headlines: they gave Meerkat just two hours notice before disabling their access. There is a rise and fall of many app worldwide. The challenge is to keep your app live and ticking.

Meerkat seems confident in their ability to overcome the setback, and based on the activity we’ve seen since the news dropped, the whole event has pushed Meerkat way up on people’s radars. According to analytics from they’ve jumped in ranking over the weekend, reaching a top 100 spot for social networking in over 50 countries, where they held that position in half that number prior to Friday’s events.

Using Meerkat

Though Twitter sharing is now less convenient, it is no less valuable, and any business that is interested in social media marketing should begin thinking about how to use Meerkat. Many consumer businesses can run live giveaways and promotions on Meerkat streams, and the nature of the live event provides a lot of urgency. Simply warn your followers of an upcoming stream, provide some kind of incentive to join—5 random viewers will get a free month of service, or tune in to get the discount code which will be posted via Meerkat stream, etc.

Another way to benefit from Meerkat is to offer brief educational segments to viewers. For instance, you can ask for questions about your product from twitter, and then live-stream a brief explanation, providing valuable content and education to followers, which translates into greatly improved customer relations. Being a live-stream, Meerkat enables a much more personal connection. You won’t be able to use Meerkat constantly, since they can’t be automated the way Tweets can, but in exchange, you generate much more significant connections with followers in the short time you do use it.


Meerkat isn’t dead, but getting dumped by Twitter is certainly a serious blow. Meerkat has a huge advantage right now as the early-mover in their field, and the press generated by recent events may carry them forward while they reorganize their product. If you want to experiment with new social marketing and customer relations, now is a great time to get ahead of the competition.

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