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Stats & Facts: Future of the Apple Watch

23 April, 2015 | Article Source: Rob LaPointe  |   (No Comments) | 25,247 Views

Stats & Facts: Future of the Apple Watch

Stats & Facts: Future of the Apple Watch

The moment is here. The long awaited Apple Watch release is this Friday! Pre-orders have been open for a little over a week, and analysts are making strong predictions about the success of the upcoming watch. Here are some stats and facts you should know about this highly-anticipated device as we head toward release on Friday and beyond.


Within hours of opening pre-orders, Apple Watch ship dates were pushed back due to heavy demand. Initial release for the device is coming on April 24, but ship dates were pushed back well into June. So just how many watches were ordered? Apple hasn’t released exact numbers, so all we have to go on are the estimates of respected industry analysts.

Slice Intelligence estimated nearly 1 million pre-orders on day one. That would mean Apple Watch sold more devices in one day the entire Android Wear lineup has sold in its entire first year of existence. Another analysts, Ming-Chi Kuo, who has been estimating sales and rumors about Apple products for years which relative accuracy, has put the total sales for the opening weekend at 2.3 million.

Watch Models

The Apple Watch comes in a lot of flavors, and based on what size, model, and band options you choose, pricing will vary. For the basic breakdown: by far the most popular model is the Apple Watch Sport, starting at $349. The next step up is the Apple Watch sitting at $549. And of course, don’t forget the Apple Watch Edition with its 18-karat gold case starting at an absurd $10,000.

The Edition is the most obvious example of their push toward fashion, but it is evident throughout their lineup. Just look at the marketing copy; beyond talking about the quick and convenient technology, they spend a lot of effort touting the impeccable design and materials of the Apple Watch, just like you would expect to hear from any expensive watchmaker.

Competition Comparisons

As far as direct competitors to the Apple Watch, there are only a few notable devices. The Pebble smartwatch, which works on iOS, has achieved a million sales over the last two years, so Apple clearly has a bit more clout when it comes to user acquisition, achieving higher numbers in just a few days. Likewise, the Microsoft Band is compatible with iOS, but sales numbers for the Band are unknown. The Band is much more aimed at the fitness market, while Apple Watch is more general-purpose and markets itself more around fashion. Some more insights on Microsoft Band fitness tracker to help you burn some calories.

The Android Wear platform isn’t really a direct competitor, since Android Wear devices work on a different phone platform; but as mentioned Apple Watch is already outperforming Wear device sales as well. Rumors have circulated that Google is trying to engineer Android Wear to be compatible with both iOS and Windows platforms. 2015 is an exciting year for wearable technology. Predictions on wearable technology 2015 for entrepreneurs and startups.


There are no strictly native Apple Watch apps available from third parties, because Apple’s Watchkit API doesn’t enable that yet. Instead what you have are apps which require a tethered iPhone. Given most common use cases for the Apple Watch, this is satisfactory, but Apple has stated that the Watchkit will be expanding to allow standalone apps later this year.

Meanwhile there are a growing number of apps available. Apple is already showcasing nearly fifty high-quality apps from known brands that are ready for launch. The roll-out on Apple Watch apps will continue as more and more developers complete their Apple Watch projects and submit them for launch.

Apps are the ticket to real success for Apple Watch as a consumer device. It’s sold well based on marketing alone, but once people get their hands on it, they’ll need that “killer app” to keep them onboard. The time is now for Apple Watch app development, a moment you cannot ignore, so start thinking apps in the era of Apple Watch and iPhone.

The Future

Apple Watch is going to experience another spike in sales at the end of the year, and though it may be a while before we get official numbers from Apple, its safe to say their Watch will boast some impressive numbers. And each Watch sold represents a user that will be eager to trick out their new device with apps, watch faces, etc.

It’s clear that the Apple Watch is a hit device. What the users need now are the hit apps to go along with it! Mass adoption starts this friday, but from what we’ve seen in the pre-order shipping dates, the rollout to consumers is going to take a few months. The first wave of Apple Watch app frenzy is coming this summer.

If you have an idea for an Apple Watch app the time to get started is now. The early bird gets the worm, as they say, and there look to be millions of worms ripe for the taking. Get app development discounts today for your app idea and let’s get started.

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Earlybird offer for Apple Watch app development

Earlybird offer for Apple Watch app development

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