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App Frenzy

6 October, 2016 |  |   (No Comments) | 25,077 Views

App Frenzy

App Frenzy

Chances are if you own an iPhone, a Samsung, or even a Nokia, you’d have a well enough collection of apps that sit on your homepage. Games, news, books, and photography applications are the most common nowadays on any twenty-first century cellphone. According to Wireless, 89% of teenagers use social media apps and games for leisure. But how does one application succumb the attention of our millennials? It is attained by understanding the trend in the various apps that get put out on the market and how they are perceived by the young-adult audience.

I’m here to list out the building blocks on how to create your own app that can gross to wider platforms starting with the ever-trendy millennials.

1. Finding a Topic

It is difficult to have an original idea in a world that is constantly being bombarded by new and creative inventions. Hunker down and freewritepossible apps you would enjoy which either are already on the market (and you want to improve them) or you would like to use. Draw comparisons to other applications. Gain inspiration from Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Temple Run, and several others.

2. Draw it out!

Create a cluster-sketch where you write your main topic in the center of the page and surround it with sub-topics. This will easily help brainstorm ideas for various possibilities of apps and highlight some major options. You are defining the foundation for your app.

3. List Pros and Cons

Always remember that when an app gets released on the market, it is bound to have some good points as well as bad ones. List out the apps potential while not forgetting the likelihood that somebody out there will find a reason to complain- don’t give them the chance.

4. Fieldwork I

Although you are set with your app idea, remember to run it by others asking for several opinions so you are sure that the app you want to build is something that can be enjoyed by people you know. Post your app idea onto social media platforms such as Twitter or Tumblr where you can ask your followers for some feedback.

5 .Fieldwork II

It is time to handle the technical aspects of your app-building. You need to get in contact with companies that can provide the wireframe, the designers, and bring your storyboard (road map) to life. Some listed as the top sources are JeraDesign, TopTierLabs, and OAB Studios.

6. Testing

Once you find out that your app is in the finishing stages of design and development, it is time to test your prototype. If you are satisfied, ask your friends and family to test the usability of your application.

7. Publishing the Application

This is the last stage to building your very own application. After consultation and approving of the application is confirmed, you can release it to the application store for millions of people to use.

There are a million applications on the field that are close neighbors to several others and it can be hard to launch an application that hasn’t already been thought of. The biggest secret to appeasing a larger audience is to introduce new methods in already well-defined subjects. For example, Temple Run is just another installation to Subway Surfers where the character and the setting has been changed, but the storyline is yet the same. Find an application that you enjoy and add your own twist to make it unique!

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