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The Interconnection for Innovation Between Entrepreneurs & Silicon Valley

24 February, 2015 | Article Source: Rob LaPointe  |   (No Comments) | 19,676 Views

Venture Capital Investment for Entrepreneurs Silicon Valley

The Interconnection for Innovation Between Entrepreneurs & Silicon Valley

Why is it that the Silicon Valley is such a hotspot for new tech companies? Why do new ideas come here to blossom? The answer, for most people, is that Silicon Valley is where the money is! The Bay Area is flowing with venture capital investment. And that answer might satisfy some people, but as with all things you can continue to question why. Why is there so much VC activity here? The obvious answer would be to say that VC is attracted to the ideas and talent…and we end up with a chicken and egg scenario—entrepreneurs come here for the money, and the money comes here for the entrepreneurs…which came first, the entrepreneur or the investor?

Attracting Success

The Silicon Valley is attractive to venture capital because talented, intelligent entrepreneurs with big ideas come here. That much is certain. Startups have been born, blossomed, and succeeded here for years now. Clearly investment is more popular in a place where success is commonplace.

Likewise, talent come for the jobs. But in order for there to be jobs, there has to be a company, founded by a founder, and funded by investors. They fuel the growth trend, but talent alone can’t be the instigators of innovation. Let me give you an example of how mobile meets money and why is Bay Area the hot spot for innovation.

But growth of startups and growth of VC must clearly go hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other. That interconnection is primal to the DNA of the valley. The snowball effect of success stems from a like minded interest in innovation.

It’s about “Culture”

The ecosystem of the Bay has clearly evolved to support ambitious startups. Silicon Valley has become so notoriously optimistic about young tech companies that it was targeted for parody in the hilarious HBO show, Silicon Valley. And the best thing about that show is how true it is. The Bay Area is rife with ambition and optimism, sometimes to the point of absurdity, but without those traits, no one could never have achieved the kind of growth and success that we’ve seen.

More specifically, the Valley’s culture revolves around consumer technology, and leveraging new ideas to innovate old systems. Technology connects people. The internet is the most powerful information-sharing system ever conceived, and mobile technology breaks down the physical barriers to entering that ecosystem. Those technologies are at the heart of the valley.

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