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3 Ways to Acquire More Users with Better Data Analytics

29 September, 2016 | By Sakshi Sharma  |   (No Comments) | 35,475 Views

3 Ways to Acquire More Users with Better Data Analytics


Businesses, small to large, startups to corporations, survive and thrive off of data. This has been true for as long as the business has been around. CEOs at the beginning of time understood that the more data they had about their organization, the more chance they had a succeeding.


For centuries, people have sought to have better data reporting tools; but until the advent of the digital age, crunching massive amounts of data in a realistic, actionable timeframe was near impossible. Fortunately for the entrepreneur of today, we now live in the time of Big Data.


Big Data gives CEOs and business owners more control over their business than any time in human history. With Big Data Analytics, you collect more data, from more places, with better reporting – in real time. This means a lot for how a marketing strategy is created, concerning anything from brand growth to user acquisition for apps and websites.


Why is real time so important? Because it allows you to move quickly to new trends before it’s too late. Finding out that a particular element of your mobile app isn’t performing up to snuff a week later could potentially mean thousands in lost revenue.


Of course, with so much many metrics being analyzed, it’s easy for the important ones to get lost in the noise. That’s why it’s important to hire an expert development team, like the one at SDI! SDI can install top-notch software like Google’s Analytics 360 Suite to help you gain full control of your business.


Then we research the heck out of your industry to discover what data metrics will be the most effective. By providing tailored metrics with real-team actionable reporting, our team helps your team quickly and accurately respond to data changes. With our help, you will have the ability to make real, positive, impacts on your business.


So Data makes the world go ‘round, but why don’t we narrow down the scope of this discussion just a little bit: how data can help you convert users for your app or website (sometimes referred to as a Data Driven Acquisition Strategy). Specifically, let’s take a look at some common tests that web marketers perform and more a more general conversation on User Acquisition.


Growth Hack Tip #1: Testing


There are many tests a good digital marketer uses to analyze user traffic on a website or app. That being said, there are two in particular that help a marketer when it comes to a visitor to user conversions The first is A/B Testing.


A. A/B testing is a very cool user acquisition tool that SDI’s marketers especially adore. It lets two visitors who are roughly similar and visiting your website or app at the same time see two different versions. Whichever gets more visitors to signup is thus better at getting users.


B. One of SDI’s marketer’s favorite tools is A/B testing. This lets us create a control user and a variable user: they are shown two different versions of your product; whichever converts more visitors is judged to be the more effective design.


Growth Hack Tip #2: Multivariate Testing and Heatmaps


Multivariate testing is similar to an A/B test, in that marketers are looking to see which design is more effective (A or B). But whereas an A/B test compares two complete designs, Multivariate testing compares different elements on a single page.


For instance, if I’m running a Multivariate test on the login page for my iPhone app, one visitor may see a screen with red headers and green footers, one may see one with a red header and no footer, another may see no headers or footers – and so on.


The idea is that a Multivariate test allows marketers to test near endless mashups of various elements. Well really, the idea is, as always, to see which design converts more visitors into users.


Multivariate Testing also works exceptionally well when combined with analytic heatmaps. Heatmaps allow marketers to track exactly where on a web page or app screen a user is hovering or touching a screen. This makes it a great tool to judge points of interest, especially for apps (heatmaps for websites, while very useful can be confounded by users hovering a cursor over an element while away from their keyboard).


Growth Hack Tip #3


Hire professionals. Obviously, we’d prefer it was us, but no matter what, this isn’t an area where you should just take a leap of faith. This is one of the most effective tools for business growth out there (and it’s largely free), but it’s also a hot mess. You don’t want to hike this big [data] mountain without an excellent Sherpa.


A professional team already knows the morass that is digital marketing. We know what to track and how. We know what works and what doesn’t. But most of all, we know how to show you what to track, watch and change (that whole teach a man to fish proverb and all!).


A good marketing team like SDI can help you create User acquisition and growth strategies that work. From industry-specific, actionable metrics to improved analytics testing tools, SDI can put full control of your business, right at the tips of your fingers!


All in all, a robust, effective Analytics software is the most essential weapon in the arsenal of modern day business owners. It allows you to see what’s working, what’s not – and what might work better. Most importantly, it good analytics are designed around your industry, ensuring you are provided with the most effective tool possible.


Your Big Data Team


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