How AI Apps Will Impact Our Lives

February 8, 2021 | Sakshi Sharma

Artificial Intelligence has been playing a tangible role in our daily lives be it commuting, shopping, or browsing the web. As technology improves more and more AI designs are expected, changing the ways we live and interact with the world. This technology has streamlined and improved many day-to-day processes allowing us to accomplish more than we ever have before.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence essentially enables a machine to perform tasks commonly associated with human beings. Particular algorithms assist the AI to function in a range of activities based on the codes. This technology is all-pervasive now, from recommending shows in OTT platforms to enabling search predictions in Google.

There is a wide range of benefits in using AI. As with any technology, there are drawbacks too, but these can be managed intelligently.

1. Healthcare

AI is widely expected to improve your health and life expectancy. All the leading health care systems have some form of AI within their diagnostic setup.

Mobile apps help you to lead a healthier life. There are devices which will be in a position to detect declining lifestyles and can assist you in healthy behaviors such as exercise and eating healthy food. It puts consumers in control of their health. There was a case of a man escaping a fatal heart attack because the Apple Watch notified him.

AI is also being increasingly used to detect cancer and heart diseases. This helps the doctors to treat the patients at the initial stages which helps save their life.

There are various healthcare apps in the market such as WebMD which checks your symptoms, SkinVision which helps detect skin cancer, and ADA which helps the user to understand their health better and manage their symptoms. Then there are the frontrunners Google’s Deep Mind and IBM Watson which are being used to diagnose, manage, and treat symptoms.

2. Work

From recruitment to taking over dangerous and repetitive tasks, AI has dramatically improved the efficiencies of our workplace. It frees the workforce, who can then work on creative and other suitable tasks. AI can help increase job satisfaction and happiness in the workplace as well.

The HR department is one of the areas where AI is making the largest impact. Filling up open positions can often be time consuming and frustrating. It is here apps such as Textio and Modern Hire help. Textio helps managers write compelling job descriptions that will generate more applications and interest from job seekers. Modern Hire helps candidates schedule their own interviews thereby letting managers focus on more important tasks.

Then there are platforms which help identify top performers by analyzing data and help in recognizing and promoting them.

Marketing, sales, internal communications are some other departments where AI plays a pretty important role in a modern business organization. Tasks such as scheduling, organizing or canceling a meeting are being done by AI-powered personal assistants thereby saving a lot of money and time.

AI helps in protecting the mental health of workers as studies point out that employees prefer interacting with a robot on issues such as stress and anxiety as opposed to a human manager.

3. Criminal Justice

Experts claim that AI leads to a more fair investigation as it carries none of the prejudices of humans. Companies and governments are using AI to prevent and detect theft. AI is a growing part of the criminal justice system. From facial recognition apps to identifying victims, AI does it all.

4. Transportation

Apps such as Google Maps or Waze helps you get real time traffic updates. Using location data they are able to analyze traffic conditions in your area thereby helping you with your travel plans.

AI is being used to avoid accidents and for road safety. For example, an application called Safe Sense allows citizens to inform them of traffic violations with the aim of bringing accident rates down.

5. Personal Assistants

These are the most popular apps and they are the closest we have to imitate human intelligence. In some cases, they are even better than human assistants.

From helping you to find information to managing your day to day activities they assist you with almost everything.

There are numerous popular apps such as Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant among others. The popularity of these apps are increasing day by day.

AI impacts almost all aspects of human life and the possibilities are endless. We at SDI understand technology very well, having developed many highly successful apps for our customers. If you have an idea for an app, let us know and we will show you how an AI powered app can do wonders in the market.

Call us today at 408.621.8481 or you can also mail us at and we will assist you in creating a world-class app.

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