Become A Digital Influencer: Beauty Advisors

May 8, 2017 | Heather Stugen

Once upon a time, Beauty Advice was provided only at stores like Macy’s, and from dolled up little ladies in pink cadillacs. Today, the delivery capabilities of this thriving industry have vastly improved. With a few taps and clicks, anyone can start advising billions of people on Beauty tips, products, and anti-aging techniques.

Of course, no solution is simple – but neither is this one a Gordian’s Knot. There are a few simple tools needed to get a Beauty Advice launched. Today we will cover what it takes to launch a successful business as a Beauty Advisor using Social Media and the Internet. Some may wonder if that’s a sound financial decision. To those skeptics, we refer you to Zoe Sugg, who makes a whopping $300k per YouTube Video she makes.

But before we get into that, this is the third and final installment in a series on how to become a Digital Influencer within a specific field. Fitness Experts and Interior Designers, we recommend reading those prior posts. With that out of the way, let us proceed to the steps necessary to launch a Beauty Advising business.

How to Launch a Successful Beauty Advising Business

The rest of this post will cover is some detail the steps needed to get this enterprise off the ground. The first step is painfully obvious, but we should at least mention it: Some sort of internet capable device is necessary. This can be a laptop with a camera and microphone, or just a standard SmartPhone.

Slightly less obvious, a YouTube Channel is needed. This means using a YouTube account (or creating one) and building a YouTube Page. Why is this so important? Well, the whole point to this is to build a reputation as a beauty advisor. The best way to show off skill in this arena is through a visual how-to guide – like a video.

And while a website is a great way to provide a medium to share videos (more on that later), it presents some problems, the first being that creating a website takes time and money. Most Beauty Advisors are attempting to launch their business on their precious free time, with the meager budget provided by a 9 to 5. A YouTube Channel provides a cost-effective (i.e. free) workaround.

But this doesn’t mean one should go set up their Channel and think that the work is all done. This is the platform by which an Advisor will reach their first followers and clients. This is the place where it will all get started; once the YouTube Channel gains traction, building a more vibrant Social Media presence becomes a cakewalk. What happens after that? The money comes rolling in.

In other words, it’s important to recognize that what a YouTube Channel page says and displays is essential to attracting the necessary followers. Figuring out what the right words is a combination of Keywords (for Search Engine Optimization – contact us for more on that) and using the language appropriate to your field. This is generally done by researching said experts, visiting their own pages and watching their videos to learn how to speak like an expert. This isn’t deception, merely learning the language.

Knowing the right words is yet another combination: personal knowledge and/or expertise and seeing what the leaders in the field are saying. But crafting the perfect YouTube Channel page can only be done with experience, where a user tests multiple combinations to see which setup works best (plus the videos help!). How does one know when they’ve hit the right combination? The followers begin to show up.

Once a YouTube Channel has been set up, it’s time to start building the other arms of a social media campaign. This means setting up Facebook pages and Twitter handles that accurately represent the Advisor’s brand; most importantly, this is where an Advisor really can promote YouTube videos. Additionally, Instagram is very important to visual mediums like beauty, as is (to a somewhat lesser extent) Pinterest.

A social media campaign is necessary to attract even more followers. Once a campaign truly gets going, the hard work will begin to pay dividends. This is how people in the fields make the most money; it’s not through events, or through selling video subscriptions, or even through selling merchandise. It happens when people with millions of followers recommend or promote products (whose owners pay them to do so).

Once the money starts rolling in, we recommend that a companion website or app is launched. This should be an extension of the existing brand, with similar design elements to keep everything wrapped up in a nice little package. A website or app will also be a place to launch other videos, as well as a blogging page. Finally (and most importantly) this is where a Beauty advisor can sell their own merchandise. While the videos make more, extra income is generally preferred!

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