Create Quick Apps and Websites For Pet Facilities

December 24, 2020 | Sakshi Sharma

The pet industry is seeing a huge boom in business globally. In the US revenue is expected to reach $99 billion this year. The pet business has long been recognized as resilient and immune to the recession. Pets bring a lot of relief and are considered part of the family by many people. They have brought hope and joy and helped people cope with the pandemic.

There is a lot of money to be made in the pet care industry. Online sales are quite high. Companies such as Chewy have seen their sales go up by 34.7% over last year.

If you are in the pet industry this is the right time to go online. Having a website and also an integrated pet care app opens your business to a much wider market and adds value to your brand. The online pet market has nearly quadrupled since 2013.

Pet store:

To be noticed by today’s consumers it is important to have an online presence. Customers prefer to have all the information from the comfort of their homes. To boost your sales it is necessary that you have an efficient and interactive app for your pet store which contains all the details, prices, and offers. Great apps lead to more confidence and greater engagement with customers.

Pet Hospitals and Veterinarians:

The majority of pet owners search for vets and hospitals online. A mobile app helps to retain clients as well as attract new ones. Online consultations have increased seven-fold as owners have taken to telemedicine for their pets.

To increase the attention your website should have the right design and optimization. For this, you may want to reach out to a highly reputed development company like SDI, which is very knowledgeable in pet app development.

Animal Product Stores:

Online shopping for pet food and other products is skyrocketing. Pet owners prefer ordering food, toys, and other items online. A significant percentage of pet owners are millennials who would rather not go to brick and mortar stores for making purchases. They would like to make their purchases online.

Grooming and pet boarding facilities:

There is a huge demand for pet grooming and also boarding facilities. Clients are willing to pay if the facilities and services are good. You can build an app to allow pet owners to schedule appointments, check the timing, or even check the videos and images of their pets.

Apps for pets to play

Playing helps reduce the anxiety of pets be they cats or dogs especially when you are not available. Studies say that it has a lot of benefits for the physical and mental health of pets. Pet owners are increasingly on the lookout for such apps. You can always develop an app for these flurry and thumbless consumers. This is a new field and developing field.

Pet Matching/Dating App

You can even start a dating app for dog lovers. This is the latest and growing trend in the pet industry.

Social media app for pet owners

A platform can be provided for the pet owners to get in touch with one another. There is a huge space for such an app in the market now. Who doesn’t love talking to other people about their pets? Let’s face it we are all taking more pet photos than ever before and people want to share those with others who are interested.

Virtual pet apps

Having a live pet may not always be possible due to various reasons such as lack of space or allergies. This creates a lot of space for virtual apps. People would love the idea of taking care of and playing with pets without physically owning one. It is a good idea to develop a virtual pet app as the market conditions are quite favorable.

Investing in an app or a website is the best way to help your pet business grow. An effective app will give you the necessary edge over others.

We at SDI have created successful apps that have helped businesses to thrive. Our commitment and expertise have led to repeat orders and long term relationships with our clients.

Our team can create an app or a website for your business in a very short time based on your needs. Projects like this can be completed in about 4 to 6 weeks for under $8,000 depending on all the features you wish to include. We will create the best app and website which will help you join the pet industry boom. Call us at +1.408.621.8481 or email today to get started.

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