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Fueling Innovation and App Growth for Small Businesses in Silicon Valley

11 April, 2015 | Article Source: Raj Srivastav  |   (No Comments) | 30,132 Views

Fueling Innovation and App Growth for Small Businesses in Silicon Valley

Fueling Innovation and App Growth for Small Businesses in Silicon Valley

The Silicon Valley is one of the most tech-savvy areas of the world, thanks to the startup culture here which constantly drives innovation in apps and websites. It also means that local consumers are constantly exposed to cutting edge trends, which means that businesses have to work a bit harder to keep up appearances.

We live an age where our smartphones are the key access points for so many aspects of life. Apps drive our social connections, manage our schedules, keep us in shape, navigate, entertain, inform, collect, calculate…and all of it is performed on a single device.The smartphone has become an incredibly important personal device, to earn a place on it is a privilege, and truly valuable to any businesses in forging a connection with customers.


Design is one aspect of mobile technology which users will notice right off the bat. In order for an app to succeed, it needs to look modern, slick, and offer an easy-to-use interface. This is all accomplished through the design of the app’s UI.

The first thing to consider is how the app will be used. This will help you structure the app in a way that helps users reach their goals, with as few steps as possible leading seamlessly from start to finish. Apps are best when they are fast, allowing users to navigate the interface quickly and without frustration. For instance, apps tend to use specific gestures to accomplish specific things, so following those conventions ensure our app will be immediately familiar and usable.

The second part of design is to make the app look good. The most important thing is to look modern. An app that looks old, by using outdated visual design standards will be dismissed by users before they even give it a try. For instance, when Apple released iOS 7 they shifted from a skeuomorphic design language to a flat, minimalistic one. Businesses that updated their apps to the new design looked better and attracted more users. Just like clothing is used to make a first-impression of a person, design is used to judge an app—so make sure your app design is in fashion!


Innovative features are few and far between. Most businesses entering the mobile app arena aren’t going to bring any crazy new functionalities with them—and that’s fine! The only thing an app needs is to be useful to the user, and for businesses that can be as simple as extending existing services onto the mobile platform.

Combining different, common mobile features together is your best bet for making good use of a mobile app. These technologies are common, familiar, and have a ton of potential uses—hardware capabilities like geolocation, accelerometers, compasses, Bluetooth, NFC, iBeacons, Cameras, Fingerprint sensors, heart-rate monitors. Or software additions like payment gateways, cloud storage, auto-fillable forms, inter-app sharing, analytics, or notifications. Just look at the various functions some of your favorite apps use, and imagine how they could be changed to apply to a whole new businesses paradigm.

Growth Hacking

App stores offer a very impressive platform for user acquisition and product distribution, but no app can rely solely on the app store to spread awareness and get downloads. Growth hacking is a term used to describe any technique which automatically connects the product to new audiences as part of the product design.

It can be tough to wrap your head around at first, but think of it like this: if you design the app in any clever way to automatically reach and engage an audience, you’re growth hacking. Some great examples of major companies you’ve probably heard of:

  • AirBnB engineered a system to automatically post listings to CraigsList, where they would be seen by a wider audience.
  • Tinder simply required a connection to a Facebook account so that signing up would be extremely simple, but the app could still access important personal information without needing to ask for it (like your age, for instance).
  • WhatsApp didn’t ask uses to build any kind of profile or network inside the app, it simply used your phone number as your profile and your phone’s existing contact list as its contact list

Innovation all-around

Small businesses have a lot to gain by building an app. The smartphone is by some considerations the most important computing platform to consumers, and a good app can earn you a place on it. Silicon Valley consumers are always excited about tech-savvy businesses that find better ways to serve them, so long as you make something that looks good, works well, with a good plan to get it in front of your customers.

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