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How AI Can Unlock the Value of Data for Your Business

4 November, 2016 | Article Source: Raj Srivastav  |   (No Comments) | 30,340 Views

Artificial Intelligence has been making waves in the world of Consumer-oriented tech services (think Siri, Google Now, or Google’s new Messaging platform Allo), changing the way we think about our phones and Gadgets. But AI’s potential impact on internal business management has gone largely unnoticed.


AI and Cloud computing are providing SMBs with the tools to take on massive organizations; or as SalesForce’s Business Manager Sanj Bhayro puts it:


“All the innovation in the industry is coming from these small to medium sized businesses. They are disrupting the traditional market which is in turn forcing the traditional players to transform their own business models” – Sanj Bhayro


Bhayro goes on to point out how SMBs now have the capabilities and tools to grow well beyond what they could even 20 years ago. The two biggest reasons for this are the aforementioned Cloud Computing and AI for Big Data.


Prior to the cloud, custom software systems with complex algorithms for Data Analysis almost always required an in-house IT staff. At the very least, it meant a contract with an expensive Tech company capable of sending out people to your office. For most SMBs, the budget required for either option was prohibitive.


So for years, SMBs were stuck with off-the-shelf software – and software development companies were limited with what they could offer these enterprises. Because let’s be clear here: the cloud and AI offers a Software Development Companies like SDI and SalesForce huge opportunities as well.


The cloud means that complex Software programs don’t have to be tied down to a business’ location. SDI can host custom software programmers on our servers; for SMB owners, this means that if your software goes down, it can be easily rectified with a phone call. No need to have an IT department on hand, no need to have someone sent out to your office.


So, Business owners can have the same advantages custom software has provided large corporations for years, at a fraction of the cost. At the same time, the custom software provider can add value to their product and service, reaching a new, massive market in need. Oh – here’s a free piece of advice: your custom software system can make you money, not just save money.


SDI’s developers can provide you with the ability to create more unique user accounts – for you competitors. In other words, you can easily market your system to people in your industry. Talk about turning competition into your client base!


So the Cloud represents some unique opportunities for growth and even for revenue generation. But in all honesty, the cloud is small potatoes when compared to the advantages that AI/Machine Learning offers to SMBs.


Big Data and Artificial Intelligence


Big Data Analytics are the single greatest resource a Business owner can have. Hands down. “Wait but what about a cash flow, or even the basic product/service itself??” Nope. Here’s why: you may think your product is awesome, but the data generated from it will actually tell you whether or not you’re as great as you think you are.


When it comes to custom software, Big Data can provide us with tons of information for any change in the system, big or small. The biggest issue most have with analytics is that for most SMBs, the true potential of Big Data was out of their reach. As we discussed above, custom software systems are only now becoming affordable for smaller budgets.


But with the cloud, plus advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, improved data analytics are within the reach of any business budget. AI has revolutionized Business Process Management (BPM) with faster, real time data reporting and actionable customizable metrics. To really drive this point home, all you have to do is look at Industry legend Gartner’s study on just this topic:


A concession stand owner used an AI-enhanced BPM system at an event to monitor wait times at each stand, directing customers to stands where their wait would be minimal. BPM was even used to monitor what was selling and how often. This helped to prevent overstocking. Even better, AI is capable of making predictions based off the data it studies; in this case, it means that an AI BPM system would be capable of ordering supplies before you even knew you were about to be low. And, as this decision is based of a mountain of data, error rates in inventory decrease.


So, to conclude, Artificial Intelligence, when embedded into Custom Software provides business owners with predictive capabilities, improved/streamlined analytics, and the ability for massive (but intelligent) growth. And we didn’t even touch on how AI can help automate business processes; Just look at Tesla, who employs Robotic Experts to automate their entire manufacturing floor!


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