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Propel your Business with Smart Responsive Design Solutions

17 November, 2014 | Article Source: Raj Srivastav  |   (No Comments) | 25,802 Views

Propel your Business with Smart Responsive Design Solutions

Propel your Business with Smart Responsive Design Solutions

Earlier this week we had a client visit our office to discuss mobile optimization for their website. According to their analytics, 50% or more of their monthly traffic was coming in from mobile devices. Without any kind of mobile optimization, the conversion rate for these mobile users was abysmal.

Many businesses are having the same experience, that’s just the way that the market is going. If you want to stay competitive, you have to find a way to convert those mobile visitors. The solution? Overhaul your website with a responsive redesign.

Ruling out a dedicated mobile website

A few years back the go-to solution for mobile web optimization was to build a separate domain for mobile users. You can still see this solution in place for many websites and companies. Facebook, for example, redirects mobile users to a mobile site—however, it should be noted that the main thrust of their mobile strategy is now rooted in apps.

There are a few disadvantages that come with using a separate mobile site. In a nutshell, it means that instead of having a single resource to manage, you’ll now have two similar-but-not-quite-identical resources to keep track of. All the work associated with operating the website, you now have to do twice (essentially).

Responsive web design, on the other hand, keeps your website as a single resource, using CSS to alter the layout dynamically so that the content fits the user’s device. It’s also the recommended mobile optimization strategy by Google and Bing, so it may provide benefits for SEO as well.

Design principles

Responsive web designs are identified by their use of CSS to adapt the content layout based on the screen used to display the site. To see it in action, try checking out SDI’s website from a few different devices. The responsive web design arranges content into columns based on the width of the display, as well as changing a few aspects of the interface. The result is a tall website that uses scrolling as a primary navigation method—this is standard for modern websites.

The challenges of responsive web design come in when you think about how to design an interface that is simultaneously welcoming to mouse and keyboard users as well as touchscreen users. This leads to a few basic design principles that predominate the designs.

1. Big buttons! Links and buttons should be big enough to tap with a finger. This isn’t just for the benefit of touch users, as bigger buttons are easier to click with a mouse as well. In most situations, pictures and graphics associated with your links are also links themselves. These changes help improve the usability of the site and make it more intuitive to use.

2. Low information density. On a smaller screen it is important to limit the number of important elements on screen at any given time, otherwise things become too hard to read and too tightly packed to accurately interact with. This has given rise to a minimalistic style which has transcended mobile and become an important element of all kinds of User Experience designs. Content is more focused and effective in this format.

3. Vertical formats. The most common way to organize content is in a series of columns. On a large screen they appear side by side, while on a smaller screen, they will become a single longer column. This isn’t the only way to do it, but due to the way we use phones, all websites should be focused on verticality. It’s probably a no-brainer, but horizontal scrolling is a no-no.

All of these points are trending throughout the web design world regardless of responsivity. You can kill two birds with one stone as you switch to a responsive design—welcoming mobile users, while updating your website to look modern and professional.

Go mobile!

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